A Leader in Medical Simulation and Academic Facility Design

Why Choose us?


Part of trusting a consultant with your design needs is knowing that they have your best interest in mind. BrainNet's consultants know firsthand what it is like to entrust an outside consultancy group with your and your stakeholders' vision. Our goal is not to lead you down the path of our vision but to assist you in your journey to find the appropriate systems that will work best for your circumstance. 



BrainNet Consulting Inc works with you through your simulation facility design and construction phases. We work with your user's group, architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, AV and IT team, and your project managers to ensure your facility is designed to meet the simulation standards. Our team's extensive knowledge with 35 years of combined experience in Medical Simulation Technologies, Designing Simulation facilities, Academic and Telemedicine, and Video Conferencing Solutions brings an unmatched value to your project, saving you time and money. 



To provide the clients with an unbiased and reliable analysis of the systems design and potential infrastructure changes. BrainNet Consulting sets itself apart from the competition by working as the liaisons between the Project Team - Project Managers and the Technology teams, Architects/Building designers, and the stakeholders/clients.



We do this by thoroughly investigating the client's requirements and providing an analysis of what the project/client's specifications are. We utilize various tools to help us accomplish this, i.e.; needs assessment, questionnaires, and advising on systems functional requirements for the Debriefing system, Simulation, and Video  Conferencing spaces.  We recommend changes through a phased approach & process that will allow the designers and the project team to move forward with the appropriate decision. In some instances waiting on a response about a decision can cause a project to lose traction and stall. Through our analysis and recommendations, we can quickly and effectively disseminate the issue at hand and act as a proxy for the client in the instances where the project team requires clarification regarding technology or other requirements, thus helping to move the project along in a more timely fashion and placing the project back on course.