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Our services

BrainNet Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services for designing, implementing, and managing medical simulation spaces. With 18+ years of experience and 26 successful projects under our belt, we bring a unique approach to every project, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcome. Our team of experts, including subject matter experts, work closely with the project team to ensure that the simulation space meets the required technical specifications and functions effectively. With the aim of providing realistic safe learning environments for healthcare professionals, we offer the following services:

Simulation Space Design

Our expertise includes designing simulation spaces that meet the technical requirements of simulation labs/centers. Our team will work with architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, IT, AV, and users to ensure the design meets your requirements.

Simulation Equipment Selection

Our team has 18+ years of experience selecting the right technology for simulation and clinical skills spaces. We will provide best practices and guidelines to ensure your simulation center has the right technology, infrastructure, and layout.

AV System Design

Our team will design the AV system to enable simulation activities, ensuring that your simulation center is equipped with advanced technology that replicates real healthcare settings.

IT and AV Network Operation

Our team will design the IT and AV network and will provide operational support to ensure that your simulation center runs smoothly and efficiently. We are dedicated to providing a learning environment where learners feel safe to be challenged and expand their learning through feedback, evaluation, and reflection.


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